Zachary is considered by some to be tall, and by still others to be less so. Most do agree that Zachary is indeed a writer and thinker. His quality as such, however, continues to be a subject of consummate debate.

Zachary resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he spends less time at writing than he should. Zachary primarily authors works of creative fiction, cinema, and critical thought, though he has plied his creative talents and hubris in many professional capacities throughout his career. However, anticapitalist sentiments require he downplay these accomplishments.

To view Zachary in his native environment, one only need prowl the coffee shops of Oakland, CA and keep watch for the blue-eyed gentleman banging his head against a laptop keyboard. Zachary also educates and edifies at the University of South Dakota, where he teaches writing, literature, and theory, as well as about games and film, to a throng of students who occasionally stop text-messaging for long enough to listen to his thoughts on writing, the brilliance of Akira Kurosawa, how games are the very form of contemporary subjectivity, and why all this apocalyptic nonsense is just utopianism dressed up in dreary clothing.

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